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Slow Food Monterey Bay

By K. Wright

We're enthusiastic about the great flavor and tenderness of grass-fed beef! Raised the Slow, old-fashioned way on natural grass rather than on grains and manufactured feeds, and by necessity at a lower population density, this is meat from healthier, and probably happier, animals. The profile of the fatty acids contained in the meat is thought to be healthier for us, there's no risk of Mad Cow Disease, and to me it JUST TASTES BETTER!

So, where can you get grass-fed beef? For a long time, our only local source was Joe Morris, and he continues to sell freezer-ready cut and wrapped halves through the Freedom Meat Locker, and he also sells at the Hollister Farmers' Market. More recently, Star Market in Salinas and Deluxe Foods of Aptos have begun to stock a selection of cuts from PL Bar Ranch in Gonzales, and New Leaf now carries Western Grasslands Beef.

This meat is leaner and can easily be overcooked, so be cautious at first. There is some controversy over the taste; the meat is indeed leaner, and this results in a different flavor profile, which I prefer. As all taste is subjective, I recommend you try it once for yourself before just believing what you read in the paper. We have particularly enjoyed the 'stew meat' as sold at Star Market, and the sirloin steaks. Buen provecho!

For more information, check the following websites:

Eat Wild

American Grassfed

Chefs Collaborative: Meat of the Matter

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